About Jaggayyapeta

About Jaggayyapeta

Among the Buddhist stupas in the heart of the city,time appears to stand still leaving behind a silent whisper of the past. When the morning son touches the city of Jaggayyapet and lightens up the scene for the daily urban symphony, the Adhan is called out by the muezzin in the mosque, soon to be followed by the sound of three-wheelers, the roar of the automobiles, and the high-pitched sound of metal shutters of the stores being opened. It is the time when the city catches onto the rhythm of a new day.
According to an ancient legend, about 180 years ago, the region surrounding Jaggayyapet was governed by a ruler, by name Sri Rajah Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu, who was famous for his piety and devotion and for the construction of many temples in honour of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. It is said that existed on this site a village named Betavolu and that the Rajah developed it into a town and changed the name to Jaggayyapet in remembrance of his father Jaggaiah.

All this is recent history and is self-evident. But apart from it, this region has an ancient and splendid history behind it. Though it is so, only a few know that the innocent-looking mound ‘Dhanam Bodu’, lying east of Jaggayyapet, has in it the remains of an ancient stupa, which was built in Satavahana Period & has been lying there for 2,000 years. Jaaggayyapet with more than 100 temples on one among the holy places in Krishna district. It is an astonishing fact trhat all the temples have been constructed a century ago.

Set in an open and spacious plane with Dhanambodu hill in the center, Jaggayyapet has a rich culture, beautiful architecture, and a flourishing economy with around 2 lakh people. It is known as “Cement city” for its commercial and enterprising spirit, most notably with the cement industry.

Jaggayyapet is a city of celebrations. Mahasivaratri is the festival of the famous jatara at kotingeswara Swamy Temple. There is another celebration called Thirupatamma tirunallu, where the deity starts from Jaggayyapet and reaches penuganchiprolu, through a big procession.

Once characterized by dusty roads and bungalow, the city is changing rapidly with an increasing populatin and rapid industrial growth. A rising center of education, Cement industries, Jaggayyapet remains prominent as the cultural and commercial hub of krishna district. It epitomizes the fine balance of preserving tradition and encouraging change.

Road Transport Almost all the towns and most of the important places are well connected with the Jaggayyapet. The Hyderabad- Vijayawada National Highway also passes through Jaggayyapet.

Air Transport The nearest international airport is at Gannavaram (90 kms).

Rail Transport The city is connected with rail facilities at two places viz. Vijayawada is the main junction, which comes in the way of Secunderabad -Chennai broad gauge line of South Central Railway and also at Bonakalu railway station which is 25kms from jaggayyapet.

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