S.No Title Journal Name Authors
1Efficient DNN Learning Optimization Classifier for Decomposed Multilevel Imbalanced Data on Hadoop 7th International Conference on Engineering Technology, Science and Management Innovation (ICETSMI-2017)
(UGC Recognised)
Samrat Krishna Gaddam
2Transformations in Key Performance Indicators by Stage Transition in Internet of Things International Journal of Computer Science & Mechatronics,Vol.3.Issue.3.2017 Samrat Krishna Gaddam
3Sequence of standardizations in support of bio-plastic synthesis using starch extracted from potato (solanum tuberosum) and at the same time as of added vegetable waste: a new chemical process to the solid waste management Mandava Sridhar
Gorantla Srinivasulu
Thadepalli Venu Gopala Rao
Chitalapudi Megha Syam
Beddeti Syam
Namburi Srinivasa Rao
Dovari Kapil Dev
4Possible Pastic Degredation BY PSB (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria):Answer With Noticed Dissimilarities In Physical Texture During The Course Of Three Months Incubation Inside A Circlet Soil GLOBAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AGRICULTURE&HEALTH SCIENCES Dr.Thadepalli Venu Gopala Rao** &Chintalapudi Megha Syam* Dinesh Neupane. Rupesh K. Yadav, Saroj K. Shah, Bharat K. Mandal, Mandadapu Gopi, Kshatri Jyothi**
5An Efficient Approach for Detecting Issues in Big Sensor Data on Cloud International Journal of Engineering In Advanced Research Science and Technology ISSN: 2278-256 Samrat Krishna Gaddam
6Phosphate Solubilzing Bacteria (PSB) and their role in Defluoridation of Consumption waters by means of leaching and as well with conclusion through Spectrophotometric Evaluate. Global J. of Biol.Agri.& Health Sci Gopi, M
Sairam D.A
Shyam, C.M.
Rao T.V.G
7A Noval Method For Interactive Image Segmentation By Using Bayesian Network Model International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science Samrat Krishna Gaddam
8Predicting the Efficiency of Relational Keywords using FP-Growth Algorithm IJIRAT SK.Akbar
9An Efficient Approach for Distributed Information Flow Control for Cloud Computing IJRCSE SK.Akbar
10Efficient Attribute-Based Signatures for Outsource Cryptographic Computations IJIRAT Samrat Krishna Gaddam
11A novel Approach for Identifying Product Aspects from E-commerce Data IJIRAT SK.Akbar
13Optimized Energy Utilization in Virtualized Cloud Data Sharing Based on Dynamic Virtualization IJASEM SK.Akbar
14Lossy Difference Aggregator in Routers for Fine-Grained Latency IJCST Samrat Krishna Gaddam
15Consecutive Data Retrieval Based on Object Ranking Using TF-IDF IJASEM SK.Akbar
16Secret Key for Group Members IJCST SK.Akbar